We believe that God created the universe, life and even mankind.
God's purpose in creating us was to have a family of people that
He calls His children, to fellowship with them and provide for them.
Once that relationship is formed, He fills them with His Spirit and calls them
to share His Light and Love with others. He designed a test called Life,
and gives each person a measure of Faith and an allotted time to spend,
invest or waste. He set forth a series of standards or morals to guide us
along the path of purity. He started with ten basic commandments
and a system of redemption. At a time of His choosing, He sent His own Son,
Jesus, to Earth to provide an eternal portal to Home.  When your time on Earth
is up, you are required to stand before Him and give an account
of what you did with Jesus and your measure of Faith.  
Are you ready?
We are here to help you on that Journey!
Some of you may just be entering high school, some may have just graduated. 
No matter where you are in life, you are thinking about your future.  You might even be wondering if you have one!  The fact is, God has a very bright future for you, no matter what you think your social status is.  Your family may be able to send you to a big college in a far away state, or maybe a local college fits your budget better.  Maybe you haven't even decided if you want to go to college. 
No matter what you decide, God wants to bless you, equip you and use you to
grow His Family.  Maybe you're not even sure you believe in God...that's OK because He believes in you!  So no matter where you are, or where you are going, Crosswayz is here for you to help you on your way.  We meet every Friday night at 6 PM at Solid Grounds Cafe.  We sing a couple songs, hear a brief message of encouragement and play video games and eat pizza.  We have a great time!  There's just one problem...
YOU'RE NOT THERE!  So join us this Friday at 6PM or swing by the cafe anytime!